The Long and Winding Road

Maremma, Alpaca, Circle Cliff Ranch
Charlie is home!

It took about four months to get Charlie and Toby here. We found them in Ohio (I see you are are asking why Ohio). Looking for the right fit in guardian dogs, we wanted ones that were born and bred to be compatible with alpacas. These boys were.

We first needed to buy the house. Check.

I needed to retire. Check.

Then the right fence needed to replace the not so sturdy fence.. And, we needed to get the gentlemen here to install it. Check.

Our “girls” (alpacas) were busy with breedings. Once that was completed and their pregnancies confirmed, we drove to Heber to get them. Check.

OH NO! Now the puppies were big puppies, and we couldn’t find a plane to fly them to Utah. Finally found United Pet Safe would fly them on October 31st, but that would be the last day. So frantically we problem-solved. Our breeder drove them to Detroit after we were able to find TWO GIANT crates. One problem: They wouldn’t fly the doggies to Salt Lake City. They would, however, fly them to Denver.

So, we did a Double Dog run to Denver, got them loaded in the truck bed (covered), and drove them to their now Home Sweet Home.

Charlie takes a little break from following around the "girls".
Charlie takes a little break from following around the “girls”.

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