Not just for men

Temperature reads at 19, feels like one


Let it Snow!

Drinking warm water is a great treat, morning or night.

T showed me his plan

I didn’t have to sit and knit the whole day. T showed me where there was about a six inch gap under the fence that he was getting out of. I put a board in there and a cinderblock on top of the board. On the outside of the fence I placed a few big…

Toby’s in the Dog House …. so to speak

What do you do with a dog that’s being naughty or testing it’s mom? How do you catch him doing this? How can you get him to listen to you? What do you really know about Maremmas? Obviously, if I knew the answers to these questions, I’d not be chasing Toby around in ten degrees…

What to do with the turkey?

We usually have leftover turkey because we usually host Thanksgiving. This year’s turkey was one of the best M has ever cooked. Yes, he is the one who cooks the turkey and does the stuffing at our house. I am the baker woman. After the turkey has been sliced and bagged and is tucked in…

The Tea Party is over

We had tea parties. Izzy spent $3.99 at Royal’s (grocery store in Loa) to buy her very own set. The girls asked if they could use my tea set from 1960, and I said yes. Our tea was either water or Mountain Dew, and the cookies we baked together were broken up as the treats…

Fire! Fire!

Tchairo in the alpaca chute, getting ready for her nails to be clipped.