Riddle Toffee

Combination of recipes to make our own toffee.

Fire! Fire!

Tchairo in the alpaca chute, getting ready for her nails to be clipped.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all from Circle Cliff Ranch, where it’s currently snowing very lightly on us and our alpacas and dogs. Reflecting on what I give thanks for,

Did you know?

There is a movement in Utah to have people that live here start buying things that are made in Utah. Isn’t that smart? Why wouldn’t you want to support things made and grown locally instead of purchasing things from China and elsewhere? Utah’s Own is an organization that is helping Utah businesses with this movement….

What is a cria anyway?

A cria (prounced “cre-a”) is the correct term for an alpaca that is less than one year old. Maximus, named by our son Michael, is our youngest cria on the ranch. I wanted you to meet him today. His mom is Ariel, his dad is Mr. Cash. Next October he should have a little brother…

I’m tired today

I’ve never caught a picture of a cria yawning before. What a sweet little thing he is. I hope he can take a nap this afternoon.