Things are Settling Down

It’s been a good week, as things are settling down and we have made peace with losing our boy, Dutch. A friend suggested that we plant a tree in memory of those alpacas that we have lost. I think that’s a wonderful idea, and will look for suitable trees for Dutch and Angela’s memory.

M and I are back to school; both of us part time. With Grandma here, we can (mostly) keep things covered with her. IF ONLY SHE WOULD ANSWER HER PHONE!

Our crias are enjoying themselves. I love seeing them on top of the poo hills, as they are trying to be the kind of the hill. They are old enough that they play away from their mommies in the evenings, but can find them quick enough to grab a quick drink or two.

I do want to thank you all for your support during these hard times. There are ups and downs with livestock, with our herd. I never anticipated losing my sweet boy and girl. Never in a million years. I must look for the joys I have while they are with me, while I am their shepherd. When the time is right, come over and enjoy a bit of my heaven on earth.



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