Meet Praline Sundae

Praline Sundae (I call her Praline) was born June 19, 2007. She was a small girl, weighing in at 15.1 pounds. Her brown fleece is beautiful. I have a few pounds of it ready to spin when I’m good enough. I’d be wasting it if I attempted that now.

Praline has had two crias. Her first boy, Glacier, Glacier, on my birthday in 2010. On July 20, 2014, she had another baby cria boy, Fiyaro.

We’re excited for her to have her third cria at our ranch. We’ll be cheering for a girl but will be happy with a healthy boy. Her due date is June 18, 2016.

Praline is still a small girl but you can see her little left side growing a bit. FYI, pregnant alpaca ladies carry their babies mostly on their left side. Kind-of an interesting fact isn’t it?



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