Questions of the Day

“Is this the same kind of wheel that turns alpaca fiber into gold? What kind of wood?”

Thank you, Doc Brink (my cousin), for asking me this timely question.

Yes, I hope so.
My spinning wheel is a unique one. It’s handcrafted from a wood, or timber, from the Rimu trees of New Zealand. You may want to google New Zealand Rimu to see what they look like. These trees are very slow-growing and can be as high as 50 meters up. Google that too!  When they harvest the trees, they do it by helicopter. I’d love to see that in action.

“Back in the day”, Rimu was one of the main sources of wood for New Zealand, like furniture and houses. Other woods have replaced Rimu in building, but Rimu remains popular for high-quality wooden furniture.

My wheel is quite stunning. Definitely, no two trees are the same so my wheel is unique. Like people. Like me.

I’ve scheduled in some spinning time today.

On Tuesday I spent the day with new friends, Joelle and Scott, spinning at their home in Kanosh, Utah. That’s about two hours each way from home. That’s how we do things here. Good tires and a full tank of gas and a desire to learn new things.

Speaking of Joelle and Scott (Corn Creek Fibers),  they generously gave me different types of sheep wool, silk blends, alpaca blends etc. and “carded” some of my alpaca fleece to make my first spinning adventures a little easier. I spun a spool of mixed fibers, and learned SO MUCH.

Google “Kniddy Knoddy” and “Lazy Kate” and “hand carders” and you’ll see what I added to my fiber adventures.


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