Holy Crap!

IMG_9584I changed my mind and took this picture for you. I want to still describe my last hour.
Picture little grape clusters. Miniatures of the kind your mother or grandmother made out of resin in Relief Society forty years ago. These were on almost everyone’s coffee tables way back then.

Imagine what they would look like, dark in color, all in a pile in a communal toilet. Alpacas choose a few places and they all “go” in these same piles. If I don’t clean it up every day or so, this communal spreads. And spreads.

Today, because we have a real heat wave (25 degrees or so), I shoveled 20 shovels full. I counted. I may have lost count and not given myself enough credit, but I worked pretty hard on doing what I could to the NOT FROZEN ones of the main latrine.

Tomorrow I’ll attack it again. There WILL be more, guaranteed.

This is Dream Catcher. I’ll introduce her to you another day. She is NOT responsible for all the work I did today, but her sweet face and the faces of my other sweeties makes the work worth while.


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