Got Milk?

Tomar Leche’ is at her new home!Yesterday M and I took a road trip to Heber and got our girl. We’d been looking forward to this for about seven months. When we first saw her, we knew we wanted her. M even had a dream about her!

For some reason Tomar wasn’t keeping her pregnancies. Carol, her first mama, took care of her and she was rebred. TaDa! She’s good as can be, and her pregnancy has been confirmed by ultra sound and blood work.

In order to not compromise her pregnancy, we brought Tchairo (our blue-eyed white) to be her travel mate. That was fun getting T into the trailer but we got her harnessed and into the trailer without too much trouble. When we were at Heber, Tomar had her harness on and I clipped the lead and brought her into the trailer. Two old friends reunited!

Good trip home. Good weather. Tons of DEER as we entered Wayne County. I counted OVER 50 when I started counting!

Toby and Charlie had to do some sniffing once the girls were in the pasture, but a slight kick from Tchairo to Toby, and all was back to normal.

Today it’s a bright and crispy day. Tomar’s eating grain out of my hand and all is well. So excited to have her here.

Thanks to Tom and CarolĀ  (River Bed Ranch) for their encouragement, love and mentoring they give to M and me.



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