Not just for men

M brought me home a Carhartt jacket. Just what every girl wants. No special occasion, just a need.

Carhartt jackets are not just for men. They are for anyone who is brave enough to weather the cold weather in what we refer to as God’s country (Wayne County).

I look at the temperature and am glad I have this coat as I head out to take packages to the post office. Steph, Staci and Jaimee, the first installment is on it’s way. Then it’s braving the cold for the morning chores.

I’m wearing my beautiful alpaca hat designed and made by Carol Fraser (River Bed Alpacas) and this jacket (thanks M). I’m wearing wool socks (thanks M) and my dress boots that are now part of my working boots. The greetings from Toby and Charlie make it worth it. The greetings and eagerness of the alpaca make it worth it. I pray daily that they will all be able to thrive in this weather, and I will too.

I’m going to set the timer for 15 minutes and and clean (dust and vacuum and laundry) and then reward myself by knitting by the fire in the warmth of this fine home we chose.

M suggested I go on the Carhartt site today and see if I need anything else. After all, it’s not just for men.


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