Let it Snow!

When I got up today, I saw many reports on Facebook  that the weather in Northern Utah is wild. Lots of snow! So glad I don’t have to call it an inside recess day!

There was a storm alert for here. 50% chance of snow by 8:00 am. I bundled up in my pink robe and changed out of my slippers (smart) to do my morning chores.

I brought warm water out to put on top of the frozen water for everyone. Even though they have an automatic water supply that won’t freeze up, they like the warm water in the winter.

I always feed the dogs first. Charlie and Toby had their food topped off. They work hard and I give them open feeding. They are still growing boys, as they’ll add about 40-50 pounds on each of them before they are adults. 

The last job for the morning was to give grain to my alpaca. Tchairo has a green face this morning! She must have ticked someone off.  I’m sorry I didn’t bring the camera out to get that one. Imagine a  bossy white girl with blue eyes and a lime green-speckled face!

As I came through the garage, I loaded the coal bucket up with wood pellets for our fireplace (our primary heating source).

Now it’s really snowing here! Glad I felt prompted to get my chores done a little earlier today!

Be safe everyone.


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