Inside dogs and their feet

We’ve spent a lot of time outside today. In spite of the weather staying below freezing all day, we’ve:

*Had breakfast with Santa and supported our community fundraiser
*Eaten lunch at the Country Cafe in Loa
*Gone to Loa Builders for some ranch supplies
*Shoveled stairs and our front sidewalk
*M installed a second grain feeder for the girls
*M  ‘wintered’ the four-wheelers. (IDK what he can’t do — he’s very talented.)
*Grocery shopped
*Knitted on Bryce’s hat
*Loved and loved again Toby and Charlie
*Been attacked by Snowflake and Kit Kat several times
*Bucked a bale of hay for the Alpaca, and gave them a double dose of their grain

In spite of all these good times, our inside dogs have created more work for me. I don’t know how they managed to get muddy feet (three dogs times four feet = 12 muddy feet) from playing in the snow. And on the hickory floors, it’s really obvious.

Last week, my mopping experience left a dull finish on the wood. No problem — I get to redo the mopping today. Trying Murphy’s Oil which was recommended by my oldest daughter. I hope these hundreds of muddy footprints clean up as quickly as they made the work for me.

Life on the ranch keeps us busy. How was your Saturday?

UPDATE: The floor just got mopped and is drying. It looks F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C!


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