The Cat’s Meow

This cat thing is new to me. Relatively new to me. I’ve had these two sweetie pies since August. I saw them on the Color Country site and fell in “love at first sight.”

I had Sierra and Izzy helping me while we started out, as they were here for a bit this summer. (I loved that too.) We made a little place for S and K on the back deck and a little one on the front porch. We made sure their kitty litter was  kept clean and they were well fed and played with. I made sure they had their complete series of shots. We had them spayed when they were four months old thanks to Color Country, our local animal organization.

As my reward for being their mommy, I have received 11 dead mice and two birds on the front doormat. Today I got a little rock. I would say that’s like receiving a lump of coal. What am I not doing that I should be doing?

These are outside cats. Outside means that for most of the day they live inside, sleeping on the bed, on the dog beds, or really wherever they want to. I think cats do that. Then, at night, they go outside to do their “thing” which is be mousers.

My friend Lorrie gave my kitties a present called The Cat’s Meow. It’s a battery operated toy for CATS!  S loves it, and K will play once in a while. I call it my cat babysitter. It’ll keep S busy for at least fifteen minutes. Her record is an hour of playing with it.

Now for my challenge. What do I do with cats and Christmas trees? Is Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation real? Will I have to worry about one of them chewing on the light cord? How do you keep ornaments on your trees if you have cats?

The tree is up and just the lights are on. The ornaments are still boxed. S keeps finding herself mid-way up the tree. I keep telling her NO.

Yes, we planned Christmas  to be more simple this year, but I didn’t think simple meant NO ornaments on my tree.

Suggestions, please (besides don’t let them in the house for the whole month of December). Thank you!


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