Love and Gingerbread Houses

I love spending time with my son and his girls. Driving for three hours each way seems like a small sacrifice for the time we get to spend together.

I left home Friday afternoon. Arriving in the city,my first stop was at Michael’s to buy the gingerbread houses. Next stop was at Winco for the great variety of bulk Christmas candy they sell. The third stop (detour) was to Kamille’s to get some yarn to knit some chunky alpaca hats (I sell them). The final stop was to Kevin’s place.

Waiting for me was some delicious pizza. I text messaged M to tell him I was having pizza. LOL! He was also having pizza for dinner.

Time to clear the table and get going. We naturally divided into two teams: Team “Kevin and Izzy” and “Team Grandma and Sierra”.

Team “K and I” were the ones to start and Team “G and S” learned from observing them. Team “K and I” got their house framed and S was saying “thanks a lot Grandma” because I had stopped helping to take some pictures. When K saw us struggling with keeping the house upright, he came over and helped.

We spent two hours on these houses. The adults backed off and the girls took over the designing and building of their houses. Darling porches, windows, icicles and roof designs and trees and snowmen and all sorts of things. And a few good snacks of candies along the way.

Two houses completed. Two unique designs, none matching the suggested design on the Wilton box. Spectacular gingerbread houses. Everyone was happy!

Two little girls. Both with completely different personalities, not matching anyone else. Just their own little selves. Two adorable and spectacular girls, daughters of their Heavenly Father. Figuring out who they are, learning to be happy with themselves.

Family and love and gingerbread houses make the season bright.



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