Toby’s in the Dog House …. so to speak

What do you do with a dog that’s being naughty or testing it’s mom?

How do you catch him doing this?

How can you get him to listen to you?

What do you really know about Maremmas?

Obviously, if I knew the answers to these questions, I’d not be chasing Toby around in ten degrees weather, in my nightgown, pink robe and with who-knows-what looks on my face.

Last night Riley and Britton, two wonderful “neighbors” (remember, I don’t have neighbors),  came and helped me make my two swing-gates stronger and taller. That’s where we thought T has been escaping.

Up until this point, T has been the one to challenge all the limits. Doesn’t every family have a kid like this? He and I have walked the inside perimeters of the fence (six foot high, chain, strong railings). I keep asking him to show me how he gets out. He remains silent and looks oh so innocent.

M and I have prayed so many times that he’ll be safe too. Our home is just off State Highway 24, one of the scenic Mormon trails that wind through Utah. That’s where Foxie got hit back in August.

In the county there are many working dogs guarding their sheep, cattle, etc. I can’t have him fighting any of them, or causing a ruckus here.

Guess what I’m doing all day?

Practically nothing.

I am going to sit in a comfy chair in the guest bedroom, watching T all stinking day. Watching and knitting, until he shows me how he does it.

I hope it happens earlier than later.


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