The Tea Party is over

We had tea parties. Izzy spent $3.99 at Royal’s (grocery store in Loa) to buy her very own set. The girls asked if they could use my tea set from 1960, and I said yes.

Our tea was either water or Mountain Dew, and the cookies we baked together were broken up as the treats of the party.

I was not in charge.

I’m so proud of the daddy that my son Kevin is. Both of my boys are amazing fathers. I just get to see Kevin in action more often.

While I was knitting, the party was on-going. When I was invited to play, I dropped the knitting and joined them at the table.

We did “cheers” and talked like silly friends. We are more than friends, we are family, and the hours playing tea party will be remembered until the next time we play.

I get to clean up the two sets of tea party dishes today. Another sad reminder that the girls and their daddy have gone back home, and we are left to a pretty quiet place.

I’m grateful for the week the girls were here. I’m grateful to their mother and father for giving up their time with the girls so M and I could spread some love on them.


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  1. kevin riddle says:

    love this girl


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