Fire! Fire!

Mike has been working on his office, clearing out old stuff. Really old stuff. Like old income tax filings and old insurance printouts. Stuff that had to go to make room for the new (stuff).

One thing he didn’t know is that Sierra, Izzy and I had been gathering wooden odds and ends around the pasture. Old pieces of wooden planks, branches fallen from the trees, and even a few chunks of dried up horse poop ended up in the pit that was left behind. (We have removed the big planks of wood that were on top of the pit when we were pretending the ground was water.)

So …. M comes out to burn the box of ‘stuff’. SURPRISE! Let’s just say that the fire pit is now ready for anyone to come roast a few hot dogs and marshmallows if you hustle and get here soon. I’ll supply the hot chocolate.

How did the animals handle the excitement? Tchair0 was the most curious, like she always is. The rest formed a group of looky-loos. The dogs barked at the fire, then were assured by Mike’s big pats and words that it was ok. They’ve lost interest in it and are looking for new and better things (like food).

PS I asked M to take a picture of the fire, and the look on his face was what I should have taken a picture of. He thought my request was rather goofy, so no pictures today.


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