Zeke is catching on!

Zeke is our little five-month-old male cria (mom is Porsche).  His mom is very patient and is allowing him to continue to nurse. I’ll need to start weaning him, probably in a few weeks.
We are trying to get Zeke ready for lead training. It’s important for all alpaca to be able to have a harness on and walk with their humans. We’ve purchased a cria lead for this purpose, and we’ll start with that.
In the meantime, we are pleased with our progress as he is eating grain out of a human’s hand. Our baby steps are paying off!
These grain pellets are made just for alpacas,. We supplement the grain grass diet especially for our preggy girls every day. All of our alpacas will eat out of the grain tray, but there are just a handful that will eat from our hands. And having an alpaca eat from a child’s hand is especially exciting.
Who else likes grain?
All five of our dogs!


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