Patience and Memories

Making cookies is more than just mixing ingredients together. It takes a lot of planning, love, and teaching moments for everyone that will be involved. And lots of drinking (water).

If you think you can make cookies with kids and you are a control freak, you had better not even start cooking. Even with the best of kids, things will get wild and crazy and messy.
The littles and I gathered the ingredients after we found the perfect recipe on pinterest (to be posted later). We put all the ingredients out and the butter softened while we did. Reading the recipe again, we found out that we had added twice the amount of butter needed. (We were supposed to have half for the frosting and half for the cookies.) This meant we had to double the batch. I WAS NOT PLANNING ON MAKING EIGHT DOZEN SUGAR COOKIES WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTERS!

The dough stayed cool overnight (chill overnight was in the instructions). I was so worn out from the making of the dough I needed a break too.

After morning breakfast, baths, chores with the dogs and alpacas, etc., we jumped in to roll the cookies and bake them all. I demonstrated the rolling, the girls each chose their own rolling pins and got going. We had a great time, and a few laughs and lots of smiles. The cookies baked up nicely. The counter and I both recovered from the flour that was everywhere.¬† After I took another big drink (of water), I demonstrated frosting and sprinkling. They were¬† on their way and did a great job of this on their own. They didn’t need supervision on the frosting and sprinkling and neither girl went overboard on the sprinkles.

We gave our first plate of cookies to a dear neighbor, Brother Dee Taft. He just happened to drop by at the right time. The rest are in a tightly covered pan and are ready to eat and share.

We all learned:
*Messes must be made.
*Someone must clean up the messes.
*Recipes must be not only found, but must be read. Preferably before you start making the cookies.
*After you lick a knife, you must get a clean one.
*If you lick your fingers, you must wash your hands.
*Dishwashers are great inventions. So are deep kitchen sinks.
*If you expect a fairy to come and clean your kitchen, it won’t happen.
*Great grandmother’s cookie cutter still works the best today.
*A love between a grandmother and granddaughters spreads even easier than frosting.
*We have love in our home.


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