Dog tired boys

It is a beautiful, sunny day, and it’s above freezing today. Yeah!

After a good romp in the pasture, and after snacking on some alpaca grain pellets, the boys took a rest.

When I am out in the afternoon, I spend time with the boys. I give them belly rubs, remind them what good puppies and good boys they are, and they give me good slobbers and nuzzles. There’s lots of time for big tail wagging and hugs. I pick a few burs out of their beautiful white fur, and they let me which is awesome.

After this, there is some down time for my boys. They soak in the sun and take a little nap because they know I am there and am alert and watching for the safety of our little flock.

These boys were born into a family of maremmas where they were always around alpacas. They have the guardian thing inbred in them, and I am so pleased with these boys. When I say GOOD BOY, GOOD CHARLIE, and GOOD TOBY, I really mean it!


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