Bicknell’s DUP (daughters of Utah pioneers) building

Last Tuesday I joined the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. My Grandma, Nellie Hamlin Murray Brinkerhoff Taylor, was a founding member of this organization. Her name is actually on the plaque as Nellie H. Brinkerhoff. After I joined, I bet she was so excited that she got her hair done up in heaven and opened up a Coke out of a bottle, her most favorite thing to do, and our most spoiled activity to have!

I think Grandma is tickled that I am living in Bicknell as well. I am tickled that she gave me so many great experiences in Loa and in “Wayne Wonderland” while I was a child.

Although Grandma had a farm, raising pigs, milk cows, chickens, veal, etc., I’d bet she thinks raising alpaca is cool.

Thank you, dear Grandma! I love you and miss you, and hope you have some fun seeing what I am up to in your former stomping grounds. 8) Bicknell


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