It’s roving, and its wonderful

*Can you see how light and airy and beautiful this roving is?
Approximately eight ounces in this huge bundle.

*How did the alpaca fiber get turned into roving?

I took it to a mill and it was cleaned and processed for me.

*What does someone do with roving?

If you want to knit this, you spin this on a spinning wheel or a drop spindle. From there you can turn this loveliness into yarn that you can knit.

Turn your imagination loose to make the most luscious articles of clothing ever. I love my hats I’ve knitted from alpaca because they keep my head so warm and they are not heavy on my head.

If you are a doll maker, you turn this into beautiful hair for your dolls. The white can be dyed into different colors, but alpaca come in 22 different natural colors.

Roving is NOT cheap, but alpaca fiber is the ultimate fiber to use in hats, sweaters, etc. Much softer than cashmere!


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