Take a little Farming Test — OK, here are your answers

Moving to the country does not make you a rancher or farmer automatically. Although I do not have cattle, I took this test and got 70% I think that’s pretty good for being a “city” (that’s what you are called when you move to the country from the city),  Take this little test to see what you know about farming with cattle.

  1. What is a female calf called before she has her first calf?  a) cow   b) steer  c) heifer  d) bull
  2. Which of the following is NOT a breed of beef cattle? a) hereford  b) angus  c) murray gray  d) shropshire
  3. An average dairy cow produces how many QUARTS of milk each day?  a) 10  b) 16  c) 28  d) 34
    16 quarts daily
  4. How many soccer balls can be proceduced from one cowhide?  a) 5  b) 8  c) 14  d) 18
  5. What percentage of a beef animal is utilized in food and by-products?  a) 35%  b) 62%  c) 8%  d) 99%
  6. What is a male chicken called?  a) pullet  b) rooster   c) Tom   d) capon
    rooster (I hope  you got this right)
  7. How many POUNDS of feed must a chicken eat to be able to lay one dozen eggs?  a) 2  b) 4  c) 6  d) 8
  8. Nationally, which of the following commodities is at the top of the chart of cash receipts from farming?                                  a) meat  b) dairy products  c) vegetables   d) cotton
  9. Who owns 98% of American farms?  a) families  b) government agencies  c) world investors   d) grocers
  10. In the United States, what is the most popular vegetable? a) lettuce  b) potato  c) carrot  d) tomato

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